Thursday, January 3, 2019

NEVADA: Viva Las Vegas

We visited Las Vegas in May thanks to generous friends & credit card points. We spent a few days in the city, and then a few days hiking in Arizona & Utah.

There's a lot to eat, drink, and see in Las Vegas! We aren't gamblers, and so we didn't spend a whole lot of time in any actual casinos. We each played a couple games just for the novelty of it. One of the first few things we did was wander through all of the extravagantly over-the-top hotels. Seriously, if there's one word to describe Las Vegas, it's extra. It's kinda tacky and ridiculous, but all in good, weird, American fun.

The Bellagio Gardens had a beautiful Japanese-themed installation.

Caesar's Palace & The Venetian were pretty extravagant, what with the painted sky-like ceilings and canals throughout.

The Flamingo hotel had a bunch of, well, flamingos.

If I visited Vegas as a child, I would have been completely obsessed with Excalibur and the Luxor, as they encapsulate two of my favorite childhood obsessions (fantasy/medieval times and ancient Egypt).

The Cosmopolitan by far felt the most classy and luxurious of all the hotels we walked through, even though it's still pretty ridiculous.

The extravagant hotels are part of what make Vegas so bizarre and fun to walk through. It really feels like an adult disney land. Additionally, they're a free, air-conditioned, escape from the desert heat!

We had a lot of fun exploring this bizarre city, and we can't wait to share more with you! Have you ever visited Vegas?



  1. I went to Las Vegas for the first time last year. It definitely was a super EXTRA city! It was a lot of fun to explore. We mostly just wandered around taking in all the crazy sights. Love your pictures!!