Wednesday, October 31, 2018

We Rented a Room in a Haunted Mansion

We've talked before about the haunted history of New Orleans...but did you know that you can actually stay in a haunted mansion during your visit?

When we were planning our trip, we were searching through airbnb for a room near downtown New Orleans at an affordable rate. We found a couple of good options, but as soon as we saw the Library Room in the Parks-Bowman mansion, we knew we had to stay there. Both of us are avid readers and this room just seemed too cool to pass up! As a bonus, it's located in the beautiful Garden District which isn't far from the French Quarter and other main New Orleans attractions. We were excited to find this home on a list of top 10 most haunted airbnbs!

The library room is one of three rooms available to rent in this beautiful, unique, home. If you're looking for a ghostly experience, you may want to book a night in The Haunted Bedroom. The story is that a young girl in a yellow dress can be seen wandering at night. She appears to be from the 1890s, and she's been described as having a slight limp. Visitors that do not see her may instead hear her ghostly footsteps during the night.

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While we didn't have any paranormal experiences during our stay at the Parks-Bowman Mansion, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would highly recommend this location to anyone considering visiting New Orleans. Visitors will be greeted by the resident dogs, and may even hear the disembodies meows of the evasive house cats. Adrienne and Bill are wonderful, warm, hosts. They were very friendly and provided us with plenty of excellent, local recommendations.

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Would you ever stay in a haunted airbnb?

PS: This post is not sponsored - we genuinely enjoyed our stay and wanted to share! Some of the airbnb links, such as the one below, can provide you with a discount to if you'd like to join.
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  1. This place looks amazing!! I would totally stay here and do some ghost hunting :)

    1. It really was wonderful! One of the best airbnb experiences we've ever had.