Monday, September 10, 2018

Life Lately

Things around here have been busy, and while I try my best to schedule posts in advance, you may have noticed a slow down in activity. So whats going on?

2014 & 2018

We're getting married!

Probably the biggest news for this little blog, is that we are getting married this winter in beautiful St. Augustine! If you look back through our archives, St. Augustine is the first destination we blogged about. That's because a little over four years ago, we went on our first trip together to the Nation's oldest city. It was a completely spontaneous trip - we spent just under 24 hours exploring the city, but we knew that it was someplace special. Since then, we've visited one other country and 11 other states together. While this blog largely chronicles our adventures, rather than our personal lives, it's clear that travel has been a large component in the foundation of our relationship. We are planning a very small, nontraditional wedding with close friends and family. If wedding planning or honeymoon planning is something you'd like for us to share more about, please let us know!

...which means, we're going on a Honeymoon!

As a couple that loves to travel, we are of course planning an epic honeymoon. After much consideration and research, we've decided to spend our honeymoon visiting France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Please let us know if there is an offbeat stop we need to see!

Graduation is around the corner

As if planning a wedding AND a honeymoon wasn't chaotic enough, Kaili is in the process of completing her final semester of college! Yes, things are a little crazy around here.

We want to move

Both of us have been in Florida for most of our lives, but we feel it's time to move on. We are hoping to make our way out of Florida by next year. With everything else going on, we haven't yet been able to solidify any plans in this direction, but it will be our number one goal for 2019.

We can't wait to continue to share our adventures with you! Thank you for sticking with us even during periods of radio silence.

Have any recommendations for must-see stops near Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam? Please let us know!



  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It sounds like you guys have some amazing adventures ahead of you :D