Thursday, June 14, 2018

OREGON: Hiking Along the Rogue River

Oregon has so much to offer in terms of hiking and outdoors activities. During our last visit, we were able to explore a region of Oregon that was new to us - the Siskiyou National Forest. We took the Rainie Falls hike, a 3.6 mile trek along the Rogue River. The hike wasn't too strenuous and the surrounding landscape was beautiful. We would love to come back and explore more of this region.

We spotted some Stellar's Jay birds and, unfortunately, lots of poison oak! While we avoided any rashes from poison oak, it is certainly something to be aware of in this region, especially on a trail that welcomes pets.

If you've ever visited the Siskiyou National Forest, tell us about it below! Did you do any hiking or kayaking? What was your favorite hike?

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