Thursday, June 28, 2018

ICELAND: Batman Mountain (Vestrahorn)

Vestrahorn, aka Batman Mountain, is an iconic feature in east Iceland near the Hvalnes peninsula. Vestrahorn is named for it's sharp, high peaks, which form horn-like shapes - the word translates to mean Western Horn. This monumental mountain is located on a stunning black sand beach (Stokksnes), which includes many dunes. While the dunes make for a great spot to view the mountain or take a photo, use caution when walking near them as the grass protects the beach from erosion. For many reasons, this has become one of Iceland's most popular mountains. 

There is a small fee to pay in order to access the beach, and a small dirt road that leads you there. The nearest stop is a small cafe, called the Viking Cafe. We stopped there for coffee and info before heading down to the mountain. Nearby there is also a Viking Village, of which access is included in the small fee. 

The black sand beaches when wet can form a mirror effect on calm days, which makes for stunning photos! I would advise bringing a wide angle lens for capturing the full landscape. Otherwise, smart phones with capable cameras do an incredible job when shooting in panoramic modes. We set up my small JOBY tripod for some remote shots of us on the beach. There are about a dozen out-takes of us attempting to create an iconic "jumping" shot!

Another stunning feature of this mountain is how clouds seem to hover around the peaks.

The beach is littered with shells and pebbles which almost look like gemstones in the sunlight. They make for some really beautiful natural patterns along the ground.

This is part of a series of posts about our trip to Iceland.

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  1. Wow, Iceland is so beautiful. It looks like your goofing off on THE MOON :P