Tuesday, June 26, 2018

CALIFORNIA: Along the Road

Some of the best travel moments come in those little surprises you find along the way. There is so much to discover. Our last visit out west involved a lot of driving throughout North California and south Oregon.

There are so many beautiful little stops throughout the northern wine valleys. We didn't make too many extra stops during our last visit to California. However, we couldn't resist pulling over to visit a field of sunflowers at the entrance to a wine yard.

There is something so inherently joyous about sunflowers. It's compounded when there is a field full of them. The bright yellow petals against the bold blue sky just emanates upbeat summer vibes.

Our next little surprise destination was Moonstone Beach, a beautiful outlet in North California. Accustomed to the flat Florida beaches we have grown up around, there is something so enchanting about the rugged, rocky, beaches on the pacific coast.

Finally, on our last day, we visited Mussel Rock Park just outside of San Francisco. We sat here for a while to destress before our flight, watching para gliders. We even spotted some whales.


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  1. Those sunflowers are so beautiful they almost don't look real!