Friday, April 13, 2018

ICELAND: Hiking to the Black Falls

Svartifoss (aka black waterfall) is a magnificent waterfall surrounded by black basalt columns (hence the name). You can find this nearly 40 foot tall beauty in Vatnajokull National Park (in Skaftafell, South Iceland), which is a must-stop for anyone that enjoys hiking! We visited in September, and the trail to the falls was surrounded by foliage with beautiful golden autumn tones. In the far distance, we could see the glaciers and mountain caps.
Svartifoss can be viewed from several different view points - you can see it from afar, from above, and you can also walk up close to it on ground level. The hike to Svartifoss is about a mile from the visitor center, though it is almost entirely uphill. On your hike, you can also view several other waterfalls from afar! This hike is not too strenuous and can be completed within an hour. In our opinion it's absolutely worth a stop.

Tips for hiking anywhere,including Iceland: 
Always dress in layers! The beginning of our day was cold and there was some light rain. However, by the time we had finished our hiking it was sunny and warm. 
Wear sunscreen.
Bring water. Snacks are always a good idea too! Nothing like having a quick little lunch near a beautiful view point. 

Before heading back to the visitor center, we hiked a little further to a panoramic view point - Sj√≥narsker, and then to a charming old farmhouse (Sel, which you can read about in a future post). We found that Vatnajokull had quite a lot to offer.

Have you ever hiked outside of your native country?

This is part of a series of posts about our trip to Iceland.

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