Monday, February 12, 2018

Our New Orleans Must-See List

We are heading to New Orleans, LA this March! We'll have only a few days there but we are determined to see as much as we can. And, oh, there is SO much to see. The more we research the city, the more we're falling in love with it. It's so perfectly suited for our travel style and interests. We'll be staying in a haunted airbnb and exploring the city by foot. Below is a list of places that we are planning on visiting, if time allows.

Culture, History, Museums & Oddities
  • St. Louis Cemetery #1 and other nearby cemeteries. There is so much history, and so many gorgeous grave sites in this city. While we could probably spend an entire day visiting the past in this way, we want to choose a select few. Have you visited? Which ones are a "must see"?
  • Faulkner House Books. We always make it a point to visit an indie bookstore when traveling. We are both avid readers and books make a good "keepsake" from a trip that will get a good amount of use. Faulkner House Books is a historic home and bookshop all in one.

  • LaLaurie Mansion. New Orleans is full of dark history. While the story of LaLaurie is horrifying and heart breaking, it's important to revisit these places and remember the past. 
  • Museum of Death In a similarly morbid vein, we're planning on visiting the Museum of Death. While these locations are probably not everyone's cup of tea, we are drawn to these types of locations and find them endlessly fascinating. 
  • Voodoo Museum. Voodoo is a large part of New Orleans history. We would love to learn more about this aspect of the city here.

  • Pharmacy Museum. Medical history is also hugely fascinating. We are really excited to visit this spot.
  • Preservation Hall . This is another one of those "must-see" spots everyone talks about! Jazz is yet another crucial element in the history of New Orleans. We'll have to catch some live music!
Food & Drink

  • Cafe Du Monde - a must see stop for anyone visiting New Orleans. I hear this place is actually worth the hype! We'll have to do our little tourist-y thing by stopping here for a coffee and beignet at some point during our visit.
  • District Donuts - who can resist gourmet donuts? We'll be stopping here for desert at some point for sure. 

Have you visited New Orleans? Are there any places that we should add to our list? 

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