Wednesday, January 3, 2018

ICELAND: The Majesty of Skogafoss

Iceland is a truly magical place. Many of these sights are hard to capture in photographs, and Skogafoss is no exception. This towering waterfall is located along the south coast, not too far from a couple of other stunning falls. We made Skogafoss one of our first stops of the day, in order to avoid crowds. While it's a fairly popular spot, with the right timing it isn't too difficult to get shots without people. Regardless, this humbling site is a must-see. When visiting, make sure that you dress in a way that is mostly waterproof, as even from a distance the mist from this fall is pretty powerful!

The above photo was supposed to be a fun jumping shot, but the timing makes it appear that Josh is falling out of the sky, which is somehow better.

This is part of a series of posts about our trip to Iceland.

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  1. Iceland looks so beautiful and amazing! I am definitely dreaming of taking a trip there in the near future.