Tuesday, December 26, 2017

ICELAND: The Waterfalls of South Iceland

In Iceland, it kinda feels like you can't toss a rock without hitting a waterfall. Despite the fact that there are so many, some of them really stand out among the rest. Our tour along the south coast of Iceland was largely a tour of waterfalls. Within a couple days we stopped to visit three big ones: Seljalandsfoss, Gljufrabui, and Skogafoss.

Seljalandsfoss is a large waterfall, and the closest to Reykjavik. This one is unique in that you can walk behind it! When visiting, be sure to wear waterproof shoes, coats, and protective gear for photo equipment. It is cold, slippery, and very wet.

It's always difficult to capture the scale of these sights in photos, but if you look closely you can see people for scale.

Directly next door to Seljalandsfoss is it's lesser known neighbor, Gljufrabui (a name meaning, dweller of the gorge). This waterfall may be the most magical, as it's truly a hidden gem. To get to this one, you must be wearing rainboots as the path is flooded! Additionally, this one was very difficult to capture with photos, and so you must see it in person to really understand.

Upon walking up the the fall, you can see a bit of it from outside. However, it's not until you walk into the gorge that you can truly experience how mystical this location is. Honestly, sights like these help me to see how the Icelandic have such a rich fantasy mythology (it definitely seems like an elven home!).

Finally, we visited Skogafoss the next morning as the day was getting late (although you can easily visit all three within a day trip from Reykjavik!). We will share more about Skogafoss in the next entry.

Which of these waterfalls would you most like to visit? If you have visited, which were your favorites?

This is part of a series of posts about our trip to Iceland.

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