Saturday, August 19, 2017

ICELAND: The Lava Fields of Berserkjahraun

Our final day in Grundarfjordur was off to a rocky start, as we discovered that one of our destinations was not accessible without 4-wheel drive (which our rental car did not have - please learn from our mistake!). Having only a couple other locations in mind to visit, we decided to leave Grundarfjordur a day earlier than planned - we would spend the morning visiting a lava field (Berserkjahraun), and then we would head south towards Vik. 

Berserkjahraun is a lava field, approximately 3500 years old. It's name comes from an Icelandic saga, in which a pair of Berserkers had been working on a farm, when one fell in love with the farmers daughter. In order to prove his love, the two Berserkers agreed to complete the impossible task of clearing a path through a lava field. Upon completing the task, the Berserkers were then tricked and killed by the farmer. While believed to be more of a myth, the remains of two large men were unearthed from the field by modern archaeologists. 

The lava fields above are Berserkjahraun, and the other photos are from around our hostel in Grundarfjordur. Overall, our visit to the Snaefellsness peninsula was both relaxing and full of adventure. There is so much to see within that small span of coastline.

This is part of a series of posts about our trip to Iceland.

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