Thursday, May 25, 2017

Iceland's Black Church, Budakirkja

One location we were very excited to visit was Iceland's black church: Budakirkja. Located in Budir on the far western tip of the Snaefellsness Peninsula, this little old church sits alongside a lava field. It's incredibly uncommon to see a church painted black (of all colors), and so we were intrigued. There are at least three black churches in Iceland but this is the only one we were able to visit. The wood is treated with the same material used on boats, which provides the black color and protects the wood from the harsh Icelandic climate. The church is surrounded by a low stone wall, and the grounds contain an old cemetery. While we did not go inside, the inside is refurnished and you an enter via a key at the nearby Hotel.

If you have any interest in odd architecture, this is certainly a stop to take advantage of. While we were visiting, a small tour group did also arrive, but it was not difficult to get some decent photos after waiting for a short while. The nearby lava field provides plenty of photo opportunities to keep you busy if you prefer to keep your shots tourist-free.

What do you think of this spot? Creepy, or beautiful?

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