Thursday, November 10, 2016

FLORIDA: Coral Castle

Our love of travel and weird destinations occasionally brings us to some bizarre roadside attractions. Coral Castle is definitely a strange one. As the name implies, Coral Castle is an eccentric limestone structure (crafted by the even more eccentric Edward Leedskalnin) in Miami. This location has some bizarre theories that magnetism or supernatural abilities were utilized in the process of carving and moving these stones to their present location. Edward constructed this site over a period of 30 years, and it's believed that it was a testament of love to his 16 year old ex-fiancee, who rejected marriage to him just a day before their wedding. Many of the structures are chairs that look like thrones, but in addition there is a table shaped like Florida, several planetary structures, and a bed. There is also a seemingly archaic tower which served as his living quarters over those 30 years.

It's certainly an interesting location, but rather small, and so it can easily be seen within an afternoon. Admission is pricey for what you get (although a tour is included), so definitely check Groupon before visiting!

What are some of your strangest local attractions? Have you ever visited Coral Castle?

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