Monday, August 15, 2016

NEW YORK: A Morning in Central Park

On our final morning of vacation in New York, we decided to explore Central Park. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Central Park is an amazing piece of planning and beauty. Established in 1857 and  at almost 800 acres of land, it takes up a lot of the cities real estate space and separates the cities upper east side and upper west side basically in half. It is also one of the most filmed and visited sites in the world.

Luckily for us we got to visit at the peak of the Autumn season to see all the colors of the fall. This is like no other park in the world. Besides the beautiful scenery and people watching, there are 29 amazing sculptures/statues in the park including many historic figures. There is also Belvedere Castle and "the mall" which is a walkway seen in various movies throughout the years. You can literally spend all day exploring this park, and still find new things. 

Early morning was a great time to visit. While the park was still busy, it was easier to capture photos with less crowds.

While Central Park is gorgeous year round, we heavily recommend seeing it in the fall.

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