Friday, May 27, 2016

NEWS: Let's Get Social

Social media is a huge part of our culture, so we've decided to finally embrace it with our blog. While we don't want to take over every aspect of social media, the following are some great places where you can reach us or see more of our work. If you're interested in following our work, we thank you! Please comment so we can say hello :)

Of course, this is the best way to follow our blog. There is also an option to follow via email on the sidebar to the left. Blog Lovin' is a great resource if there are several blogs that you follow. It's easy to access all of the newest posts in your home feed. 

We've started up a YouTube Channel for some of our travel videos. We have a GoPro that we've been experimenting with, and we're looking forward to learning more in future adventures. For now, there is simply clips of some of the places we've been/hikes we've taken. In the future, we will consider vlogging or providing more detailed videos if there is interest. 

Twitter is a great place for a quick response. While we're new to Twitter (and to be honest, we don't really fully understand it yet), we're looking to connect with other bloggers and make more of a community on there. It seems like a place with a lot of potential!

Our Instagram is a great place if you're interested in seeing our photos. This will be the platform for our on-the-go updates of our travels. We'd love to see more inspiration in our feed, so feel free to leave your info below so we can check it out!

I don't think we've posted yet about our art, but both of us are artists. Between photography, illustration, painting, and more, we love to try all sorts of creative venues. Often we will collaborate on projects together, and we recently opened a shop to sell our work. In the shop, you can find our original illustrations as well as prints, and the opportunity for custom work.

Thanks for following us! Please post your links below so we can stalk follow you back!

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