Saturday, April 16, 2016

NEW YORK: Exploring COSM in the Hudson Valley

COSM, or the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a secluded home-turned-gallery containing the visionary art of Alex and Allyson Grey in Wapinger Falls, NY. The property functions as a sanctuary, designed to inspire and nurture the act of creating art as a spiritual practice. While we did not visit on a day with events, this  trans-denominational interfaith church often has art classes, full moon ceremonies, and various other events dedicated to their mission. 

COSM is open Fridays through Mondays from 12-6, and all visitors are welcome. You are simply asked to remove your shoes at the front door. Photos are allowed as long as you do not use the flash. Attached to the home is a gift shop and cafe. The grounds also contain several paths and trails which you are free to explore. It's a very beautiful and tranquil place, full of incredible artwork. 

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