Sunday, April 10, 2016

NEW YORK: Cragsmoor

Cragsmoor Stone Church

On the morning we left Liberty, there was frost outside on our rental car's windows. Although it started out rather cold for us Floridians, it turned into a gorgeous and cool fall day. We decided to spend the day exploring some area's that Kaili was familiar with already.

Bear Hill Preserve
Bear Hill Preserve was our first destination of 3 for the day. This hike was quite short at about 1/2 of a mile, but it was a beautiful brisk day and all the autumn leaves covered the paths making the way seem like a golden road. After hiking for a bit we reached a viewpoint for our first panoramic picture opportunity. This area was a nice retreat from tourists. It was a little difficult to find but worth it. The short hike has a huge reward - a view of the valley below. We recorded a brief clip of the view which you can see here.

Cragsmoor Stone Church
Also known as Chapel of the Holy Name, the old stone church first opened for service in 1897 making this church over 100 years old. The drive to this church was simple and was only a few miles away from the Bear Hill Preserve. We did not go into the church but spent some time taking pictures of the building the stone arch which overlooks the valley.

Sams Point/Ice Caves
Finally, we did a short hike at Sam's Point Preserve. By far the most popular hike in the area, Sam's point is a small preserve with several easy to moderate hikes.We completed the Ice Caves trail - although sadly, due to climate change, there wasn't much ice to be seen. Along our hike of the Ice Caves, we also stopped off at Sam's Point for the gorgeous view.

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