Monday, March 28, 2016

NEW YORK: Sullivan County

As Florida lacks anything resembling a season (outside of severe summer and mild summer), we wanted to take a trip up north and see some fall colors. As we're both from New York, and have some friends and family up there, it seemed like an ideal destination. We spent a week in late October exploring Upstate NY, NYC, and Long Island.

Our first venture was to visit friends in Sullivan County, located about 120 miles from NYC, north west of the Hudson River. There is not much to do in the area but there are plenty of rivers and beautiful country landscapes. On the way up from the city we stopped at a viewpoint on the palisades to see NYC as the sun was setting.

While we arrived late that night, we spent our first (very cold) full day in NY visiting some local viewpoints.

The Neversink Reservoir ironically washed away several small towns (including Neversink) upon it's founding. While the citizens were moved out, and many of the homes demolished, whatever was left behind still lies at the bottom of the reservoir.

Hawks Nest road runs along the Delaware river, and offers a gorgeous view from it's winding heights.

Finally, we made a stop at a couple of cemeteries. The first was Laurel Grove Cemetery, which has within it the tri-state monument, marking the location of three state borders: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Finally, we stopped at Liberty Cemetery before going out for some food and heading home. This was a gorgeous spot full of fall foliage, and a view of the town below. 

There is a photo post of Liberty Cemetery here, as there are way too many to post. 

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