Sunday, February 7, 2016

NORTH CAROLINA: Asheville Food & Drink

Asheville is a great stop for craft beer lovers - this small city has more breweries per capita than any other US city. Josh being a bit of a beer snob, we made sure to go on a small self guided brewery tour of the city throughout our brief stay. Asheville is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and is a perfect stop before heading into the Smoky Mountains - our next destination. 

Mayfel's was our first stop in Asheville. A cute little restaurant in the heart of downtown, we enjoyed some great brunch and good service from a super friendly staff. Their biscuits and jam were to die for and gave us some great carb energy to get out on the town. Our waiter gave us some good recommendations for local shops and breweries to check out.  After our meal, we spent most of our afternoon walking through the city exploring small shops, the occasional thrift store and used book stores. The town itself is great for walking and it wasn't too crowded when we were there.

Once an industrial area, this location is now full of art galleries and breweries. We made a stop at Wedge Brewery, a peaceful rustic spot right along the river. The outdoors seating is surrounded by string lights and industrial artwork. Lots to see and it seems like a great community of beer lovers and arts.  Overall, this was a very peaceful spot to stop for a drink. We both had to try the unique beers and ciders they offered. Josh went with a cherry cider which was delightful. Not the best beer we've had but it was an enjoyable venture.

While we arrived here early, and it was quite empty, I could see how this would be a fun venue. The bar is decorated with oddities and seems like it would be a great place to see some live music. Going to a bar in the middle of the week early is always going to be a drag no matter if the venue is amazing or not. The beer selection here was pretty typical so if you are looking for some local brews this is not the place for you.

This was probably our favorite stop of the breweries we visited. While it is a bit of a drive, the location is gorgeous. Located in Black Mountain which is about a 15-30 minute drive outside Asheville,  the beer here was our favorite. This brewery is huge and they have a large outdoor seating/festival lawn area where they supposedly host large music festivals and acts. This would be a lot of fun to partake in but there wasn't much going on while we were there. Highly recommend this place for the view and if there is a special event going on. Great chocolate stouts aplenty!

We decided to check out this popular pizza joint/brewery for dinner. It was like an adult oddity store/chuckee cheese. They have crazy pop art around the restaurant like Nic Cage on the womans restroom door and weird names for their food as well as a video game arcade and other fun stuff. Supposedly they have a movie theater too. The pizza was decent. Nothing to call home about but not bad at all.

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