Saturday, January 2, 2016

NORTH CAROLINA: Asheville | The Biltmore

Possibly Asheville's biggest tourist attraction - The Biltmore is an 8000 acre private estate that is open for public viewing for an outrageous ticket fee. While it's typically against our kind of itinerary, we decided spend some time exploring the huge property during our brief stay in Asheville. We really set out only to see the gardens and exterior of the property but the only way to do that is to buy a ticket for entry to everything including the interior. 

The first view of the house from afar across the front lawn is an amazing view, but quickly becomes overrun by tourists and buses. We came to the property early so it wasn't too busy, and we would suggest you do the same. The interior is blocked off in sections so you have to walk through ropes and bars like sheep to see the house. While beautiful, it was not worth the cost. The views from the back of the house are breath taking and the gardens are gigantic. We did not have time to explore most of the property but we saw a few trails and a rose garden during our visit. 

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