Thursday, December 10, 2015

CALIFORNIA: The Winchester Mystery House | San Jose

We had one big reason to head down to San Jose - The Winchester Mystery House. While many travelers may like to seek out fine dining or fancy shopping locations, we like to seek out the strange. And while at first look it may seem a bit of a tourist trap, the Winchester Mystery House is an incredibly unique location worth exploring.

Built by Sarah Winchester (married to Winchester Rifles heir William Winchester), the Winchester House is legendary for its architecture and story. The legend goes that following the death of William and their daughter, Sarah believed herself to be cursed.  Her reasoning was that the ghosts of all the people who were shot by a Winchester rifle were haunting her, so she began to be very fascinated by the supernatural. A visit from a psychic left her with the premonition that she would have to build and build a house until the end of her life. One common theory is that she believed that the bizarre maze of rooms would cause spirits to get lost and confused within the house. There was no real plan for the house structure, and so there are windows throughout the house, and doors that go nowhere.

A tour is required in order to explore the house, and we did the full house tour with a supplemental tour of the basement and grounds. While they do not allow photography within the house, it's worth the tour to see this unique work of architecture.

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