Friday, November 27, 2015

CALIFORNIA: San Francisco | Part 2

Haight & Ashbury 
One of the most famous cross streets in the USA is Haight & Ashbury. This area is well known for it's history - having a part in the origin of the hippie movement. While the hippie movement is no longer as present, this is still a rather artsy, bohemian spot. There's plenty of vintage or thrift shops, along with record stores and other small businesses. You can spot a lot of creative graffiti throughout the city, but we saw quite a lot around this area in particular. If you like unique one of a kind shops this is a great destination. 

Pier 39 - The Fisherman's Wharf
The most tourist-centric area in all of San Fransisco is spread out around Pier 39 - aka The Fisherman's Wharf. Within this area is the famous Ghiradelli Square as well as beautiful views of Alcatraz and the adorable sea lions. If you aren't a fan of tourist traps, this area doesn't have a lot to offer. There are a lot of chain restaurants, it's crowded, and extremely commercialized. However, the sea lions are worth a visit. We also stopped by Musée Mécanique - a neat little stop full of antique arcade machines and games located a little further on Pier 45. Admission is free, so it's worth a stop if you appreciate bizarre, beautiful, and often creepy automatons.

Grace Cathedral
If you are into Gothic architecture, the Grace Cathedral is hard to miss. It is a very beautiful building in the heart of San Francisco. At the time we were there, the cathedral was hosting a wedding party so we could not get inside for more than a second or two.

China Town
We spent our final night and day on the West Coast in San Francisco visiting China Town. It is a great place to get out of your car and walk around to take in the atmosphere. It is a double edged sword as there are many tourist traps but the scenery makes you feel like you're in a different part of the world. We really enjoyed walking around, getting some delicious Chinese food as well as bubble tea, which are in abundance in the area. There are many shops full of trinkets and Chinese souvenirs if that is your thing.

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