Sunday, November 15, 2015

CALIFORNIA: San Francisco | Part 1

On our way to San Francisco from Napa we decided our first venture in the area should be into the Muir Woods. This was quite a congested and slow drive but it was our first time really getting to see the beautiful views that CA 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway) offers.

John Muir Woods Park
We were very limited in our time in the area so we made the best of it and took a short hike through Muir Woods. Its a very peaceful place to hike, and very quiet in contrast to the loud & busy city it neighbors. You are engulfed under the Redwood's canopy so there is little light that shines through and it is quite cold. Seeing these amazing Sequoia's in person is something that should be on everyone's bucket list. They are rare, ancient, and honestly mind-blowing in size. Photographs can never quite capture the full scale of these things. Unfortunately we had to make our way out quite quickly to be able to enjoy the cities attractions.

Golden Gate Bridge
Coming into San Francisco over the Golden Gate can be just as intimidating as passing the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan. The Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing piece of engineering and it is very surreal to be able to drive over it and see the landscape of the city in the distance. The bridge is often partially covered by the surrounding fog which adds to the dreamy appearance. We decided to take a drive around Golden Gate park to get some great views of the bridge and bay. 

Palace of Fine Arts
Built in 1915 and rebuilt in 1965, this amazing structure was made for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition. It is easy to access and at the time we were there they were filming something inside the structure. Quite an iconic structure, it is notable for being featured in many films including Hitchcock's Vertigo. 

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