Friday, November 6, 2015


Following our stop in Humboldt County, we made our way towards Wine County. We are not wine snobs but we do enjoy drinking some delicious grapes (in fact we actually prefer two buck chuck wine from Trader Joes than most expensive wines that we have tried). Josh is kind of a beer snob - if only they had a beer country... I guess Asheville and Portland will suffice for now. Anyways, we made a few stops around Napa county to visit some vineyards.

Calistoga - Chateu Montelena 

Since we were not sure which vineyards had the best wine we decided to go to places based on location and scenery. There are hundreds of vineyards in the area so it is quite overwhelming to decide where to go. Chateu Montelena appeared castle-like, which appealed to us for the sake of photos. We did try some of the wine, but it was out of our price range for purchase.

Calistoga - Castello di Amorosa

Since we had a lot of time leftover after Montelena we decided on going to the famous Castello di Amorosa. A bit of a tourist trap, but this place can be fun for some photos. We did a wine tasting here as well and actually ended up purchasing a bottle of Fantasia - a sparking Rose that was very sweet. Our wine guide was super friendly and we really enjoyed visiting this location.
An added bonus - this location has a residental cat named Lancelot.

Saint Helena - Beringer Vineyards

On our way back to the hotel we passed by the Beringer Vineyards and decided to just take a walk around the property. Beringer is one of the more well known wines found in your local grocery store and not too expensive. The grounds are actually quite gorgeous, and we even spotted some hummingbirds.

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