Sunday, November 1, 2015

CALIFORNIA: Humboldt County

We arrived in North California late at night and were staying with family. The drive was gorgeous and the area was full of places to explore. We did a little bit of hiking within the redwood forests and we also checked out some of what the nearby towns had to offer. The towns are primarily small and populated by independent businesses. The area encourages art and creativity, which is abundant even in the surrounding graffiti.

Ladybird Johnson Groves
Our first experience with the California Red Woods was in Humboldt County on a small trail that led through a forest. While a simple hike, it was a gorgeous little introduction to the unique redwoods. While it was rather overcast, it did make for some good photos of the fog among the trees. 

North County Fair
Luckily on the day we went to explore downtown Arcata we got to experience the North County Fair. The fair was full of crafty vendors, food, and creative costumes. There was a parade of people dressed as animals and several kinetic sculptures with incredible designs. 

Lukes Joint Restaurant
The great thing about the west coast is that their is an abundance of great organic and vegan friendly restaurants. Located in downtown Arcata, Lukes Joint was a great little spot to eat lunch at after the Parade. 

3 Foods Cafe
After a nice day of relaxing and exploring the local scenery we went to a quaint little independent restaurant for dinner called the 3 Foods Cafe (which apparently now is closed). The food was great and it was a lovely little spot for a nice dinner. Although we're sad to hear this place has closed, there are fortunately plenty of great little spots in the surrounding area. 

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