Saturday, October 31, 2015


On our continued adventures in Oregon we decided to travel to Mt. Hood, which is Oregon's highest mountain peak. Two things that drew us to this destination were: the mountain's ski lodge (the Timberline Lodge) was used in The Shining and the beauty of the hikes around the area in the spring. The drive up the mountain contained beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and pine trees. Upon arriving we were treated with a beautiful view of the lodge and mountain top. Fortunately during the spring the lodge is quite vacant due to its attraction to skiers in the winter time. During the winter the mountain is full of people and a spectacular view of a snow covered terrain.

After getting some information from the lodges receptionist we began our hike. We decided to try one of the zig zag trails leading from the Timberline Lodge. The zig zag trail leads through the zig zag canyon - aptly named since a small stream runs through the canyon in a zig zag pattern. You do have to cross over the stream to continue back up the mountain to continue the hike, but during our stay it wasn't terribly deep. This trail intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs along the entire Pacific Coast.

Although we visited Mt Hood outside of it's more attractive season (it is beautiful in winter), it was still a worthwhile hike with some spectacular views.

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