Saturday, September 5, 2015

OREGON: Portland | Part 1

After seeing some beautiful sites on the coast we made our way inland to the city of Portland. This was one of those cities that both of us were very much looking forward to seeing. Art, interesting young community, BEER, and good food were all at the top of our list! We drove through Oregon at night in a brutal rainstorm through winding roads with soaring pine trees all around us and made it into the area safe and sound.

Arriving rather late, we made a couple stops for some food and beer before retiring to our hotel room.

We had dinner at the Hungry Tiger, which had some great vegan options. Great food, and a great way to start the night. Next, we headed over to the Lovecraft Bar. It definitely seemed like the kind of place that we would spend more time as locals. Good music and good atmosphere.

Early the next morning, we started our day with a trip to The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother (The Grotto) 

The grotto is a gorgeous outdoors church site, which is a very peaceful and beautiful way to start the morning. We explored the grounds, but we did not take the elevator to the top. Regardless, this is a beautiful place to start the day.

For breakfast, we had to check out the famous VooDoo Doughnut. The doughnuts were quite delicious, and it was a great start to a full day of exploring the city.

The rest of our day was packed with adventure, and we will continue that in Part 2!

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