Sunday, June 21, 2015

Whats In My Camera Bag

Kaili, here. Today, I'd like to share a little something behind the scenes. Many of the photos (but not all of them) you see on this blog are taken by me. Photography has long been a passion of mine, and I thought it would be fun to show you what I carry around with me when I travel.

I love seeing what equipment others use, so please post about your favorite gear in the comments!

The Bag

I recently purchased this Amazon Basics Camera Backpack specifically for travel & hiking. While I do have a more fashionable camera bag, I needed something with a lot of support that was light weight enough for me to carry on challenging hikes. This was my choice based on the low price & available storage space.

The inside compartments are attached with velcro, and so you can customize it based on your needs. Mine is often a bit messy because of how often I am using it, but here is a look at the chaos inside.

First off, my weapon of choice: the Nikon D5000. I purchased this camera years ago and it has done me well. It's got a variety of custom settings and I find it is easy to use. I have been using Nikon since I started in photography, and while I wouldn't mind an upgrade - this camera has been very good to me!

The remaining items in my camera bag are some additional/specialty lenses, a wireless remote, and a hard case for my memory cards.

The wireless remote is great and easy to program. It's perfect for when you want a photo on a trail but there is no one else to take your photo. The hard memory card case ensures that all of my memories are kept safe in case of any mishaps. The most important thing, are the photos I take. The gear is replaceable. 

The closeup lens kit is an affordable alternative to a macro lens. It's lightweight (great for travel) and easy to use. You just attach a magnifying lens to the end of whichever lens you are using, and it allows for macro photos. The kit also comes with some filters. It's great for anyone who is interested in trying macro photography, but doesn't want to make the hundred+ dollar investment that a full macro lens can cost.

The Lenses

While I've yet to replace my 55mm kit lens, I haven't really felt the need to. This lens comes with the camera and is great for general use. This, and the 14mm are my most commonly used lenses. The 14mm lens is fantastic for landscape photos. There is some distortion due to the rounded glass of the lens, but I find that it adds interest to photos.

Additionally, but less commonly used, are my fisheye lens & my 300mm lens. The fisheye is a fun, novelty lens that can make for some fun shots of landscapes and wildlife. The quality is not fantastic, but it can add some unique shots to your portfolio of a landscape or location that is often photographed. The 300mm lens is great for wildlife - especially birds or anything that may be far away. It's easy to get a clear photo with this lens, as long as the subject is not too close or too far.

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