Sunday, June 14, 2015

OREGON: Astoria

One of the places we really wanted to check out along our way down the coast was Astoria. A convenient stop on our way down the coast towards Portland, Astoria was made famous by the 1980s film The Goonies (one of Josh's favorites). This little marine town is located right on the Washington and Oregon border so it's pretty hard to miss.

We got to see all the famous town locations from the movie including: the bowling alley (pizza joint), Mikey's house (the owners of the house encourage movie fans to come see the house but to be respectful of the property and surrounding neighbors), the Flavel House and Museum (library) and Oregon Film Museum (jail). It was a very surreal experience to be able to see all these locations, but even if you're not a movie fan - Astoria is a beautiful, small, beachy, artsy town.

The best location for landscape photos would have to be the Astoria Column. 600 feet above sea level, the column offers a great view of the entire city. It's a small climb up a winding spiral staircase, but the panoramic view is worth it.

After going on our own Goonie adventure around town we stopped at a quaint Indian restaurant for some nourishment before heading out of town to see some other filming locations and scenic sites. 

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