Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ABANDONED: Victorian Treehouse

The Victorian Tree House is a beautiful abandoned place that has seen quite a lot of publicity around the web. The Tree House is part of a larger plot of overgrown land that contains a home and has been dubbed "The Honky Ranch". The property is in a rural location, but surrounded by neighbors on either side. To our surprise, the property is patrolled by emus.

The following photos are from the property, the home, and the tree house.

 This structure has been abandoned since 2003 with the death of it's owner. The house is in a state of decay, and the property is being monitored more closely by locals since there have been several incidents of vandalism.

In the spirit of preserving these locations, we will not release addresses of abandoned structures on this blog.

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  1. Very cool shots! My husband and I are both fascinated by abandoned structures - I suspect his interest is born from his love of the horror genre and a vivid imagination, while I just love the sight of nature taking back over. One of these days I might add it to my blog lineup!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm fascinated for the same reasons - I find it interesting and beautiful.
      I love your blog - you take some really gorgeous photos.

  2. Great post dear!