Tuesday, April 7, 2015

WASHINGTON: Mt. Rainier | Part 1

After arriving in Seattle, Washington, we decided to spend our first full day at Mt. Rainier National Park. One of our main goals of the trip was to hike some amazing destinations and get some great photos, which we definitely succeeded with on our first day out. The trip there alone is worth the "price of admission". Beautiful curving roads, landscapes and trees surrounding us the whole way there. Coming from Florida, the change in scenery was very much welcome. 

Inside the park, we decided to travel to one of the main welcome centers and were greeted with an array of different choices around the mountain. We went with one of the more popular hikes, which was a 6 mile hike called the Skyline Trail. Being in such high altitude and such different landscapes was a little strenuous near the end of the hike but it was well worth it. 

The views on even the drive up were fantastic. As you make your way closer, Mt Rainier becomes more visible. Once you begin the hike, there are tons of adorable chipmunks and marmots along the trail.

Every aspect of the hike is breathtaking. There are several different trails available that range in time and mileage, but we would recommend the Skyline. While a little difficult at times, you can experience a nice variety of terrain, from snowy rocky areas, to beautiful meadows scattered with wildflowers, and waterfalls. I think it's safe to say that Mt. Rainier was among our favorite experiences of our west coast adventure. 

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