Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Texture of New Orleans Cemeteries

There's something so enchanting about the texture of New Orleans cemeteries. Slowly eroded over the decades, these crumbling monasteries are so bizarrely beautiful. The humid weather, rainfall, and heat makes some beautiful textures on old stone. Every where a plant can find root, it grows. Cracks in marble make veins in tombs. Crumbling facades expose the brickwork beneath. I found myself focusing in on these details while exploring the local gravesites. 

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

NOLA: The Voodoo Museum

Voodoo has been a part of New Orleans culture since the city was formed. The Voodoo museum preserves that legacy. This museum, while interesting, is a little odd compared to most museum experiences. For about $5, you can enter what appears to be a very cluttered home, and explore these artifacts. The rooms are stuffed from top to bottom with voodoo shrines and artwork. It can be difficult to navigate if there are crowds. While small, this is one of the only museums in the world dedicated to Voodoo traditions. You can spend as much or as little time exploring the few rooms here as you would like.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

ARIZONA: Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is an iconic location, made famous thanks to countless Instagram posts. We hadn't originally planned on stopping at Horseshoe Bend, but we are glad that we did. It was nearing the end of a very long day: we drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon (where we hiked), and then we were making our way on a long drive to Utah, in order to spend the night near Zion National Park. We had been up since sunrise and now the sun was setting, and we still had hours to go. But it's impossible to resist a beautiful landscape during the "golden hour" and so we trekked the 1.5 miles on sore legs to the cliff overlooking the Colorado River.

The view was quite stunning. There were, unfortunately, crowds of others jockeying for the prime photography position - not all of whom were polite about it (we framed our photos very carefully to crop out most of the other spectators!). We made the best of our short time there. Throughout this trip we absolutely fell in love with the South West, and we can't wait to return.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

ARIZONA: Grand Canyon National Park

One of the Natural Wonders of the World: the Grand Canyon is a nearly 300 mile long canyon, exposing two billion years of Earth's geological history in it's steep rocky sides. The view is absolutely breath taking and impossible to capture. Photographs seem to make everything look so much smaller. Like most travel destinations, these are places that you just have to experience - photos will never do it justice. It's truly awe inspiring to stand in front of this vast outlook. The red landscape feels absolutely surreal, stretching before you as far as your eye can see.

We had limited time during our trip to Arizona, but we knew we would have to do a little bit of hiking at the Grand Canyon. We decided to hike an 1.8 mile trail down the canyon to Ooh Aah point. Ooh Aah point is a scenic vista away from the crowds that gather on the rim of the canyon, and completely do-able within a short span of time. Along our hike, we were guided by friendly ground squirrels that seemed shamelessly aware of the fact that most hikers carry snacks.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?
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